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Juchuan International Business Hotel Tianjin is located in the center of Tanggu Foreign Goods Market Business District, adjacent to Jinbin Light Rail, Jintang Expressway, Beijing-Tianjintang Expressway, and has direct access to Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, with convenient transportation.
Juchuan International Business Hotel Tianjin has a variety of stylish, warm and comfortable guest rooms with high-speed broadband, digital safes and other facilities. The bathrooms also use tropical rainforest sprinklers.
The hotel has Tangrenxuan gourmet restaurant, which combines Chinese and Western cuisines. It offers afternoon tea, business packages, buffets, and boutique private dishes. The hotel also has multiple meeting rooms equipped with modern multimedia facilities, ideal for your business meetings.
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  • bbnesta
    It's not bad.
  • Sue-su
    Space dots, others can also
  • clear0706
    Facilities good, location is a little traffic jam
  • Winter LOVE
    Hotel rooms are older, everything else was good, juchuan until Lily juchuan group are also good
  • arnoud
    It's OK
  • joyee.dou
  • cinderella2005
    Often live! nice!
  • asbysunbo
    Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good
  • sweetsun915
    Transportation is convenient, easy to eat in the vicinity, that is breakfast, dining seats do not, need to wait for
  • action88
    Facilities are old, scary elevator, Wi-Fi is not good, the surrounding is also convenient, also lacks good hotel nearby, had to choose this, let's go out to open a new
  • e01645728
    Service very good, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy, the price is right, next time will come, will recommend to friends
  • ilovesaturday
    @ The good hotel for business trip
  • davejong
    Recommend colleagues to live. standard room to take in the slightly cramped, hotel facilities good, the edge is foreign markets, shopping is convenient and colleagues love it.
  • Alex_Y
    Song Jiang, Lu Junyi, Wu with, Sheng, Blue represents valor, Lin, Qin ming, huyan burning, Hua Rong, Chai Jin, Li Ying, Zhu Tong, Lu Zhishen, Wu, Dong Ping, Chang Ching-, yangzhi, Xu Ning, Suo Chao, Dai Zhong, Liu Tang, Li Kui, welled up in, Mu Hong, Lei Heng, Li, Ruan Xiaoer, Zhang Heng, Ruan Xiaowu, Zhang Shun, Ruan Xiaoqi, Yang, Shi Xiu, Xie Zhen, solutions treasure, yanqing, Zhu Wu, yellow letter, Sun Li, Xuan Zan, Hao Siwen , Han Tao, Peng Qi, Shan Ting-GUI, Wei Dingguo, Xiao rang and Pei Xuan, Ou Peng, Deng, Yan Shun, Yang, Ling Zhen, Jiang Jing, Mr, Guo Sheng, An Daoquan, Huangfu end, Wang Ying, Hu San Niang, Bao Xu, Pan Rui, kongming, Kong Liang, items filling, Lee gun, Jin Dajian, Ma Lin, Tong Wei, child slammed, Meng Kang, Hou Jian, Chanda, yangchun, Zheng Tianshou, Tao Zongwang, Song Qing, Le and, Gong Wang, d have Sun, Mu Chun, Cao Zheng, Song Wan, Du Qian, Xue Yong, mercy, Zhou Tong, Li , Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Tang Long, Zou Yuan, Zou Run, Chau Phu, Zhu GUI, Cai Fu,Cai Qing, Li Li, Li, Jiao Ting and Shi Yong, Sun Xin, Gu Dasao, Zhang Qing and Sun erniang, Wang Ding Liu, Yu SI, Bai Sheng, when moving, Duan Jingzhu. 108 people feels amazing
  • daniel147
    Very good, but the air conditioning of the room a bit, temperature is not high.
  • baoju
    Every time to do live here in Tianjin. room was small, very good.
  • edmundwei
    Price, good facilities.
  • ruosongli
    Pretty good
  • lina225
    So so
  • Stone
    Juchuan Hotel International, location close to the train station, at the heart of Binhai New area, running errands, shopping is very convenient, the hotel health, services, environment, good ... next time I go to the live
  • cello35110
    In General can also
  • sudaliuyong
    Room was small, but clean, although the street against the light rail but Windows sound is very good, very quiet! great each morning and traffic was blocked, to zone blocking! eat around shopping is convenient!
  • e00115992
    It's not bad
  • annis777
  • gxupeng
  • sunser
    Facility is old, obsolete, the rest OK, after all, the price is cheap
  • beeprotect
    Four stars, Tanggu, near the light rail.
  • cutewing
    Easy to find friends for dinner, around eating and very convenient hotel
  • CJX200212
    Breakfast is too general
  • any315
    OK, hotel facilities, rooms are small, but very cozy, and very clean. There are wireless networks available, convenient!
  • enjoycyj
    At the Marina even better hotel, room was clean, bathroom outlets won't be, hope the service can be found in a timely manner and repaired in a timely manner. good location, followed by goods market, next to entertainment the bath is good
  • cindy_85
    Good very good cheap
    Hotel to find, just next to the road, this hotel is on the business, facilities are good, the grade. the drawback is the noise, next to light rail and goods markets. but it is no way, overall very good!
  • fafa5288
    Room light switch position is not humane
  • lilingyuan
    Which is very nice
  • fatgang
    Very good
  • jeffrey_ji
    Yes, continue it! will also continue to support!
  • bocmengmeng
    Value for money and the location is fine, the mattress more comfortable.
  • Lecuse
    No more than one metre of children breakfast charged at half price, do not understand, the first
  • jeff_g1314
    Tanggu of choice, is good.
  • lyandyan
    Sound insulation very bad I live opposite the 317 was up less than 6 o'clock and the two rooms open chat room watching TV: this is the gate of your? staff where nobody had the customer service waiter to stop this uncivilized behavior two days in a row so the restaurant is a large hall of a waiter are very good
  • MoricaXiang
    A good price
  • leon_cns
    Rooms are a little smell, price/performance
  • aa520520
    Room was comfortable, bathroom some back
  • e00052159
    Tanggu live here all the time, eating around the super convenient, recommend the feed across the street after their super cheap, tastes great.
  • e02639763
    Than in the previous two years, jet lag, mainly because the room be modified, small, inadequate facilities, and the bathroom floor drains and drainage is not good ... but the service is still good, goods in close proximity.
  • Lindag
    Binhai is also good
  • namefuyu
    Obsolete equipment, air conditioning not to force, in the downtown area, busy in the morning.
  • olive0577
    Old hotel, but good location. transportation is convenient, suitable for business travel
  • ww428
    Room facilities are comparatively old. the lobby is beautiful, but the room to boast about, feels better than the Inn. 50 handling charge for the tickets!